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  • Placement flexibility: A wood stove can be installed virtually anywhere in the home, providing there is a way to run a vent pipe to the outside of the house
  • ​Exceptional heating: The biggest advantage homeowners have with a wood burning stove is the quality of heat the unit gives off. The powerful heat from a wood stove radiates from all sides of the unit as well as the top, sending warmth in all directions
  • Economical heating: Wood is an inexpensive fuel source. Homeowners who practice strategic zone heating in their homes can save hundreds of dollars in utility bills each year
  • ​Works during power outages: If you live in a region that has occasional power outages, you know how valuable a heat source that is 100% self-contained can be. With a dependable wood stove, you’ll stay warm around the clock, regardless of your home’s supply of gas or electricity
  • ​Compliment your décor: Modern wood burning stoves are available in many different styles, sizes and finishes, making it easy to find one that’s a perfect accent for your home style and décor.

Wood burning stoves are an energy efficient and cost-effective way to heat your home. ​​A wood stove can provide not only warmth but also beauty and ambiance.​ 

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Fun fact about wood stoves:

​85% of wood stoves in Alaska are Blaze King!

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Advantages of wood stoves: