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Gas Fireplaces

With a new gas fireplace system you do not have to worry about losing heat or functionality, as you can still have the use of your gas fireplace if a power outage would happen to occur, as they will still be able to function on a battery back up.

Contemporary Gas Fireplaces

​​Diverse Fireplace Services for Your Needs

​​Quality Fireplace and Chimney offers a variety of services to meet your woodstove, wood fireplace, or gas fireplace needs:

  • Sales
  • Service
  • Maintenance
  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Sweeping
  • Troubleshooting


Whether you have a residential remodel or commercial damage repair, we can help with everything from gas fireplace renovation to fireplace installation.

  • Easy to operate: You can turn on your gas fireplace with the click of a button. The fireplace is easily adjustable and programmable to come on at a specific time and at a specific heat.
  • Maintenance-free: Unlike with traditional fireplaces, you don't have to collect or store wood. You don't have to clean it out, and there's little chance of pollution.
  • Adaptable: The gas fireplace is easily installable and can provide heat for more than one room in your home.
  • Customizable: Want some quality stone or tile? Want some color variation? You can design your gas fireplace the way you want.
  • Reliable: Gas fireplaces work off of millivolt technology so it’s usable even in a power outage.
  • Comfortable: You don't have to stand too far away in the summertime. We design our gas fireplaces to redirect most heat outside so you can still enjoy a nice evening fire.

Traditional Gas Fireplaces


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A picture of a gas fireplace St James, NY

Whether you bask in the warmth of a fireplace during a chilly winter evening or enjoy the atmosphere of a fireplace on a warm summer evening, a fireplace in your home can provide not only warmth but also beauty and ambiance.​

Let Quality Fireplace and Chimney in Suffolk County, NY, give you the fireplace of your dreams.

Superior Gas Fireplaces for Your Home

A popular fireplace choice is the gas fireplace. Here are a few reasons why:

Gas fireplaces can be installed in virtually any room in the home, and can be used as a heating unit for multiples rooms at once. Some units are even specifically designed to be seen from multiple sides of a wall, allowing it to be viewed from more then one room. There are so many different types of beautiful designs, that you can find one to match any style or décor of a room. We offer such a wide variety of styles and colors of these fireplaces, with customized stonework, mantels and tile work to match each and every one of our customers specific wants and needs. ​​                                   

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