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Let Quality Fireplace and Chimney give your home a beautiful new look with a gas fireplace. Our friendly, experienced staff is happy to answer any of your questions.

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As much as you might love your fireplace, over time, the fireplace can become a mess with ash, soot, creosote, and leftover remnants of burned logs or papers. That's why you need professional fireplace cleaning from Quality Fireplace & Chimney in Suffolk County, NY.

The Dangers of an Unclean Fireplace

While cleaning out the fireplace might seem tedious, it is also important. Some of the dangers of an unclean or unmaintained fireplace include:

  • Chimney fires
  • Blocked airflow
  • Dirty fireplaces
  • Higher heating bills
  • Smoke backup
  • Carbon monoxide buildup
  • Respiratory issues and other major health problems

Don't let your fireplace become dirty. Call the experts at Quality Fireplace & Chimney for effective and thorough fireplace cleaning services today.

The Importance of Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning not only prevents the problems mentioned above but also gives the professionals a chance to ensure your fireplace is up to par. While a professional should perform an in-depth fireplace inspections at least once a year, you should perform quick inspections of the fireplace as frequently as necessary. This helps you know if fireplace components such as the lintel and bricks are sound.

The Reliability of Quality Fireplace & Chimney

At Quality Fireplace & Chimney, our goal is to provide you with quality services that you can trust.

First, we are here to answer all your questions. Whether you want to know about the fireplace cleaning process or want to see what fireplace is right for your home, our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help. We will go over all your questions until you are satisfied.

Also, all our fireplace technicians are insured and certified to handle your fireplace needs. Many times, our owner comes himself to do the work for you. You can rely on our experience and knowledge to provide you with a job well done.

Reach us at 631.626.9650 or our online form to schedule a complimentary estimate today.

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